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Are You Facing an Unwanted Pregnancy?

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Help for Moms

We want to help moms-to-be with all practical aspects of life, including housing, transportation, education, counsel, financial support, child care, parenting guidance, and adoption counsel.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to show your support for a cause you believe in? Take part in our prayer vigils, speaking sessions, educational efforts, or donation drives to do your part.

Holy City Mobile Pregnancy Care Team

Considering Abortion?

Abortion Is Not a Solution!

We strongly believe that children, born and unborn, are gifts from God worthy of protection. If you are a pregnant mom-to-be who thinks abortion is the only solution, we guarantee you it’s not. If you’d like to talk through all your options, we can offer you the space to think, away from family and societal pressures.
Our counselors can provide you a safe space to explore your situation, work through your feelings, and make the best decisions for you and your baby–for free and in complete confidence.

Unlike other organizations, PLC offers comprehensive coverage for moms for up to 2 years. We will assist you in everything, including pre and post-natal care, rent, utilities, clothing, diapers, counseling, vehicle costs, education, and more. If you think adoption is the way to go, we can help you throughout the process.

Who Benefits

The saved babies




Pre and Post-Natal Care

Pre and post-natal care are critical to ensure good health for mothers and their babies. We help struggling mothers get the care they require to get through this life-changing process.


*many of our services are referrals to other qualified organizations


We counsel women who are considering abortion and offer them support and guidance to make the right decisions for themselves and their babies.


*many of our services are referrals to other qualified organizations



We empower mothers-to-be with the knowledge to discourage them from making any decisions that will affect their health and well-being in the long run.


*many of our services are referrals to other qualified organizations


We offer complete support to new mothers to make their life less stressful, from helping with the rent to utilities and transportation.


*many of our services are referrals to other qualified organizations

Our Story

Pro Life Charleston is a US charity that offers support services for anyone facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy or who has ended the life of their baby via abortion. Established in September 2016, Pro-Life Charleston set out to support 40 Days for Life, one of the four committees within PLC. We are working hard to end abortion through prayer, community outreach, and peaceful vigil all day in front of abortion centers. We have not only successfully stood by our vision but expanded it by reaching out to pregnant moms before they enter the abortion facility and after they leave the facility when they decide to keep the baby. We don’t charge mothers for our services or support, as Pro-Life Charleston is supported 100% by self-funds and donors.

Our Values & Beliefs

Jesus Christ died for us so that we have the opportunity to join Him in everlasting life. To accomplish this, we are enjoined to introduce others to Christ. In partnership with our parents, God the Father loved us into existence and gave our life intrinsic value. This endowed value cannot be removed or reduced by any person, organization, or entity. Abortion cuts short the life created by God. Pro Life Charleston endeavors to stop the interruption of God’s plan for creation. We do this by helping expecting mothers who are considering abortion choose to save their babies’ lives instead. We want to share Christ’s love with the mother and father so that they can raise their child with the right values. We seek to educate the masses to prevent future abortions.

Donate to the Right Cause

The funds we receive are primarily used to address the issues causing pregnant moms to be in crisis. We use the funds to invest in modes of outreach, including radio ads and digital advertising. It is also used to cover overhead costs like accounting and email client services. We receive over 900 inquiries a month, and we offer text messaging services to pregnant women who need help.

You can help us save lives by donating what you can today. Your support can make a significant difference!

Holding a baby in the hands

Turn Your Hurt Into Healing

Every woman who has undergone an abortion has unresolved feelings that can haunt her for the rest of her life. These feelings may surface right away or appear years later. Grief following an abortion is rarely acknowledged or discussed, making it harder for women to verbalize their unresolved feelings.

The purpose of Pro Life Charleston’s aid is to provide women a progressive pathway to healing and restoration. Through our aid, many women have changed their lives for the better. We offer them a safe and confidential environment where they can talk about their grief with other women who share similar harrowing experiences. You can speak with our experienced counselors in complete confidence and free of charge and find a way to heal your soul.

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